Bodyweight Bench Press

My girlfriend has had enough of hearing me complain about knee pain so she took the initiative to write a month of programming that stays away from any knee abusing movements.

Day 1:
135 Bench Press
5 Burpees
on the minute every minute for 10min


As I began warming up the 105lbs felt heavy. I looked at her and said ‘135? no effing way…”

She had zero sympathy responding with ‘you have to add another 30? oh…..”

That left me feeling less than secure about the weight choice. But I moved into the Rogue Westside Half Rack and where I had the safety bars just incase the bar came down and didn’t go back up. One warmup up rep at a pretty slow pace and I was feeling less than confident about it, but said….ok….

3..2..1…GO…. I completed 1 bench press and 5 burpees and looked at Mimi with a worried face. That cycle continued for 9 more minutes and I had done it! I had bench pressed my body weight 10 times and completed 50 burpees. Not bad considering my 1 rep max is 155lbs…. or maybe my previous 1rep max was 155lbs.

1 day down…. 29 to GO!