Mad respect for Caity Henninger

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Bill and Caity Henninger since I started competing in 2009 and I’ve been lucky enough to have their support the entire time.  And of course I was THRILLED to join the Rouge team as an athlete in 2010.

Why am I so pro- Rogue?  Because from the first time I met the Henningers’ they’ve shown they’re hard workers that genuinely care about those around them.  They started a business from scratch and built it with their blood sweat and tears.  Thats admirable.

This past regional only further confirmed why I am a proud member of the Rogue Team.  At the end of the event mother nature decided to unleash rain.  Unfortunately the event still needs to be packed up and shipped to the next location.  Where was Caity?  In the 45 degree weather while it was pouring rain tearing down the rig with the crew

It would be easy for Caity to pull the ‘boss card’ but she never does.  She’s always in the trenches getting dirty.  I have mad respect for that and hope to always be willing to get my hands dirty.