I got robbed…. literally

This weekend has been a crazy one to say the least.  We traveled down to Cincinnati for a few meetings and figured while in town we’d crash at my girl friends parents house.  Knowing we didn’t there until 9:30pm and were leaving at 5:00am we took little to nothing into the house.

When we went to leave I joked and made fun of Mimi for not closing the drivers door all the way the night before…… only to realize it wasn’t her….. my counsel was open and everything emptied.  Glove box open and everything emptied.

I immediately thought…. MY COMPUTER…..yup sure enough.  GONE!  3 years of hard work building Coca CrossFit.  3 years of files. 3 years of the memories just gone in a blink of an eye.  images

The good news is I recently started file sharing all my major files with my coaching staff so the majority of documents are safe and Coca will continue, just a little leaner (lol).

I’ve been joking recently that I finally truly know what Coca is and what Coca is not and that it’s time to start fresh and ‘rebrand’ if you will.  This is the universes way of telling me to start over.  Well not OVER, but start fresh.  I have all the major documents I NEED and what I lost I can recreate with fresh eyes and a fresh perspective.

So while it’s a financial burden and time burden right now, I think in the long run it’s only going to help me grow Coca and myself.