Tonight I cried….


cry-baby--56-2Because I truly LOVE what I’m doing and the environment I’m in, and yet my knee is still fighting me.  8 months ago I had a double micro fracture on my right knee in hopes of returning to CrossFit within a year.  We’re quickly approaching that time table and I’m FAR from being recovered.

My knee hurts or aches all the time.  When I’m sitting, when I’m coaching, when I’m walking the dog…… all the time.  I have been avoiding really hitting wods hard (minus the fundraiser) in hopes of healing up.

Knowing I love working out I created a program dedicated to my upper body, pressing, sit-ups, pull-ups etc.  Little did I know everything would pull on my knee.  Not in a painful way all the time, but a pulling for sure. I tried sled pulls and every step my knee popped.

It just felt so defeating…. I thought I had a GREAT plan, and yet it still pulled.  Needless to say I felt so frustrated and overcome I cried.  It’ s not always easy to deal with an injury.  I try to remain as positive as possible, but we all have moments of weakness.  Tonight I cracked and tomorrow I make a follow up appointment to figure out what my options are.