Appointment Made….

Yesterday I hit the wall (or the wall hit me) in regards to recovering from knee surgery.  It’s been 8 months and I’m not nearly as far along as I want to be or feel I should be.  What’s my test?  Walking stairs.  I know I’m having a good day if I can go straight down the stairs vs having to side step my way down.  doctor

I can be a victim or I can say enough is enough and do something about it.  So, tomorrow at 10:15am I’m meeting with my doc to discuss what my options are, and you can bet your ass that ‘just rest and ice’ isn’t one of them.  I want answers and solutions.  A sedentary life is NOT an option.

And much like other projects in my life I won’t stop until I’m back to a pain free life doing what I love, training, running, using my body, my whole body.  I started CrossFitting for health and that’s the principle I will hold on to.