I know better….(but do you?)

I got a few emails yesterday from concerned fans reading my post WAY to literally so let me clarify.  While yes, I said ‘I won’t rest or ice’ that didn’t mean that I’m going to continue to push on a knee that just had a major surgery.  I meant I wasn’t going to take you’ll have to rest and ice for life as an answer.

I am fully aware that once you have an injury it’s never quit the same, especially when it’s a weight bearing joint.  I’ve had terrible knees my whole life, and knew it was only a matter of time before they would act up.  No, I didn’t anticipate having to drill into the bone at 30 years old to try and create a cartilage like cushion because mine is shot, but such is life.

In the last 8 months I’ve been in PT, avoiding wods, stretching, getting active release, dry needling, bracing…… everything I could to stay away from abusing my knee.  All information most people aren’t aware of as I haven’t shared my day to day struggles.look-down

Today I got X-rays and the structure is sound and solid.  The knee on the other hand is highly used with signs of arthritis already showing.  Part of my issue in rehabbing the knee is that there is so much swelling in the joint I can’t begin to strengthen the knee.

Today I got a cortisone shot and some celebrex.  My prognosis, stay off the knee as much as possible the next two days and rest of a week.  After that it’s back to PT and icing so that long term I can return to normal activity.  Normal activity being running my gym and working out with modifications.

So while I appreciate peoples concerns, think about your tone when offering advice.  Telling people you know better than they do isn’t always the best approach.  Try and find out what’s going on before you offer your assistance.