363 days and counting….

While chipping away at today’s programming I realized one thing…..I promised Shane I’d give him 1 year to turn around my luck with coaches and training.  He’s very in tune with my injuries and has designed some solid programming to not only help rehab but strengthen my structure based on my injuries (a ruptured achilles and a double micro fracture in my knee).no-days-left1

Being two days in I’ve got 363 days to work my ass off.  Meaning I’ve got 363 days left to SLOWLY chip at returning to exercise and full range of movement.

Example: today it was programed to work with 70% of squat clean and jerk.  Based on my max I should have used 125lbs.  What did I use?  35lbs.  Why?  Because my knee is not where is used to be and I need to ease back into it and I’ve got 363 more days to do it.  Plenty of time.

Following my slow and steady routine I’ve hit two days of solid programming and my knee feels the best it has in months!  My new journey….. the next 363 days.