But I’m Sick

Day 363

I woke up today with a nagging sore throat that just seems to be lingering.  It’s annoying more than anything as it makes me feel like I’m living in a fog between the sore throat and sinus pressure.images-6

The thought of working out today was TERRIBLE, but it’s day 3 on the new program.  Who takes a sick day on day 3?  Not this kid.

So i sacked up….. drove to the gym and chipped through a strength and 20min AMRAP.  While I didn’t feel any ‘GO’ doing it, I did feel accomplished when I was done and a little clearer.  Of course now I’m soooo ready for bed, but I’m glad I didn’t let the excuses keep me out.

Doing a little is better than nothing, and in the long run I did feel better.