Working and Working out – PERFECT Bday

Day 356


Yup – it’s official – I’m 31 today.  Yikes that scary to say.  When I turned 21 30 seemed so old and now here I sit at 31 thinking ‘I’m so young’

And who would have thought I’d do anything but sleep and relax on my bday.  I’m not sure I’ve ever been this productive.
6:30am – rise and shine
7:00am – head to coca
7:30-10:00am – socialize and wod and socialize a little more
10:30 am – brunch
11:00am -1:00pm – finish Oly platforms ‘using a sawzaw for the FIRST time’
1:00-3:00pm- bank, post office, admin work
3:00-3:45pm – walk the dog
4:00pm – I’m heading to the pool to swim a mile (should be interesting)
6:30pm – dinner with the family

It’s a whirl wind day, but one that’s been exactly the way I’d want to spend my birthday. Doing what I love – working and working out.