I made girls cry…

and it was AWESOME!!!!


During yesterday’s LCCC college class at Coca CrossFit I managed to make 4 girls cry. ¬†Why? ¬†Because it was the first workout in 6 weeks that really pushed them mentally.

15 Hang Squat Clean
30 Hand Release Pushup
5 rounds for time

I don’t care how much of a monster you are, that many pushups SUCKS! I knew it would be a challenge, but what it caused I couldn’t have predicted. 4 girls cried, and one of those 4 girls said ‘I can’t do it my shoulders are just done’ and put her bar back. I simply told her ‘ok’ and the 3 other women kept chipping.

when she saw her friends didn’t quite she went, got her bar back out and began chipping at the workout again. At the completion of the workout the glow all 4 women had was UNDENIABLE! They got it! Something in them changed. They had reached their breaking point, kept going and achieved something they thought they couldn’t.

Seeing that glow is what I live for. It’s what gets me out of bed in the morning. Cheesey but true.