It’s a thin line between competing and being over competitive

One thing I notice, even with myself, is that it’s a thin line between competing to be better, and getting too competitive.  Why?  Because we lose sight of what’s truly important.

I know for a long time I had a piss poor attitude towards training and competing, for a wide variety of reasons, mainly not being able to do what I used to be able to.  In the last two years I ruptured my achilles and had a surgery on my knee. Needless two major surgeries in two years has left me ‘in the dust’ from a competitor stand point.


It can be so frustrating to be ‘coming back’ that sometimes it was easier to say screw it, I’m a lost cause.  The reality is that I’m my happiest when I’m training.  The difference…. I’m not training to compete, I’m training because I LOVE training.  I’ve given myself one full year to dedicate to training slow and steady.

Who knows what can happen in a full year of eating right and training like a monster.  I may just return to competing.

My focus is health.  That means that some days I modify to stay off my knee.  That means that some days I lighten the load to relieve the pressure off my joints.  That means  that I mobilize EVERYDAY.  The instant I lose focus on training healthy and smart the instant I will start negative self talk, the instant I’ve gotten too competitive.