To RX or to WOD?

Today I faced an interesting ego checking moment…… answering should I RX or WOD when looking at today’s workout.

On Monday I did high volume Squat Cleans at 155lbs and Squat Snatches at 105lbs.  Needless to say the knee is feeling tired, and I’ve been laying low on it ever since.  (Looking back I should have done one not both of the squat lifts, but hindsight is 20/20.)

Today’s WOD was ‘Isabell’ – 30 Snatches at 95lbs for time

rxdthewarmuppurple_fullpic95lbs is more than manageable, but my knee is tired and a tap and go speed put too much pressure on my knee than I was comfortable with.  I could have completed the sod one rep at a time, setting my technique and making sure I drive evenly through both feet….. or I could lower the weight, hold solid technique and string reps together.

I chose to WOD and screw the RX!  why?  Because I see the point of ‘Isabell’ is to keep it 4min or under vs hitting one rep at a time and taking more than 5 possibly.

Sometimes I have to realize that the RX isn’t what makes or breaks a workout….. it’s the goal of the workout and training smart so that I can be healthy enough to do it again tomorrow.