Pity Party for 1

That’s right, I had a pity party for 1 today at the gym.  I know my members never seem to believe that I have bad days, but it’s true, I have bad days too.

I’ve been coming off knee surgery and it’s been feeling great!  I chose to test it, and well…. I pushed it too much and I’ve been paying for it.  I know I pushed it too hard and I’ve been laying off of it ever since. images-9

The pity party started because I feel like I did it to myself and its frustrating. I can’t go back and undo it.  For 2 months I felt like I was getting stronger and more stable every day.  And today I bubbled over with frustration at setting myself back.

The good news is even though I’m slowing it back down a little I’m still WAY ahead of where I was when I started 2 months ago.  Live – Learn – Move on.  Tonight my coach and I re-stratigize and keep moving forward.