Natural Progression of a Gym Owner

Over the last 7 years in the CrossFit world I have been and seen first hand the progression of a gym owner.

1- Athlete starts CrossFit
2- Athlete becomes a coach
3- Coach gets involved in running the business (sees behind the curtain)
4- Coach forms their own vision/how they would do things
5- Coach becomes an owner

You have to live in a bubble if you think that someone is going to help you build your dream forever.  It’s only natural to want to build your own dream.  What NEVER makes sense to me is why there needs to be anger, sneakiness or belittling when this process happens.images-14

We all came from somewhere.  I know I came from another CF gym, and when I finally had the courage to build the vision the way I saw it I had to leave to do it.  I was very upfront with the owners that ‘I think I’m going to open a gym’.  Why?  Because it was the right thing to do.  While it wasn’t easy I couldn’t imagine having done it all behind their backs. I have enough respect for them that I wanted them to have a chance to help me through the process as well as prepare for a hole in their coaching staff.

At the end of the day employees of any business are great employees until the shared vision becomes a different vision.  Good, bad, indifferent it’s best for both sides if a split happens.  The BEST part of any business is that if you have a vision and the courage to build it – YOU SHOULD!

Advice for both owner and soon to be owners;

  • Be open
  • Be honest
  • Support each other
  • Respect each other enough to leave bad mouthing out of it