Back to the Zone

I’m finally doing it…. I’m going back into the Zone…. Zone Diet that is.

I’ve run several 30 day challenges for people in the past at Coca, but this one I’m finally applying to myself.  I know I eat healthy, but I know I’m not eating enough to fuel the long days I’m putting in.

I know I need a solid diet at I train 2 hours a day, run any where from 4-9 classes a day and run the business, on top of trying to have any time or energy to do anything non-crossfit.  I was my busiest and most efficient when I was on the Zone Diet, so i’m going back to it. photo-6

It is a little sad to ration out snacks…..counting out 3 tiny almonds….. truly sad.  I’m going to commit to doing it for 90 days, and if I still dislike the outcome I can go back to doing what I’ve been doing it…. winging it.