PR…. whoop whoop

A year since having knee surgery I’m starting to really trust my knee and safely move weight.  Today’s programming kicked off with a 1 rep max back squat.  I typically head into these days with the ‘I’ll let my knee guide me’ attitude and today was no different.

The last time we maxed our back squat I stopped at 165lbs because I could feel it pulling in my knee.  Needless to say today the 165lbs felt great.  I slowly crept past it just waiting for my knee to act up.

185….. 205….. 215…. 235….. it felt great.  bsq

The only thing keeping me from getting 245lbs was my chest leaning forward.  I felt it go forward on the decent, and knew I had to give it one more go.

I picked it up, hit the hole and headed out of the bottom PAIN FREE!!!! and with a 20lbs PR!  I’ll take it!

It just showed me that while I’ve slowly been chipping at trusting my knee I’ve also been getting stronger.  I feel more encouraged than ever to keep chipping.