Slow and Steady

Over the last year I have had highs and lows.  I think more lows than highs, and this week I think I’m finally back on a high.

After feeling like a sissy back squating to a 20″ box with an empty bar I did it.  For months I’ve had to modify and work around my knee with the feeling it’s never going to get any better.

But I was lucky enough to have a great training partner and a solid coach that both said ‘keep working’ – so I did.  I chipped every day pushing to do as much as I could, and 4 months into our new plan I’m feeling AMAZING!advantage

I can finally see the hard work paying off.  All the days of doing light weight, technique, 3×8 of mindless accessory movements and it’s paying off.

How do I know?  This week I’ve;
Sumo Deadlifting 305lbs with 60lbs of tension
Bench Pressed 135lbs with 60lbs of tension
and OHS 155lbs 12 times (pre surgery one rep max was 165lbs)

I feel more motivated than ever to continue to train, eat right and of course rest when I need it. It’s only  up from here!