You want me to what?

When I looked at today’s programming the little green monster (called self doubt) quickly crept into my vision. ┬áNO WAY can I do that.iStock_000013010086XSmall

What was it: EMOTM for 20min
ODD: 4 bar muscle ups
Even: 5 burpees – 15 double unders

Needless to say I’m not the most confident bar muscle-upper and I’m still sore from the workouts earlier in the week.
I began warming up and failure after failure the task seemed more and more impossible.

I finally landed one…. and then another. OK I was ready to stat, but I modified. Not feeling confident in my bar muscle ups I decided to do 2 on the minute.

Half way through the workout the ryhthm felt good and I was in a groove. I thought – screw it – i’m going for all 4. Well paint me happy, I did the last 5 min with all 4 bar muscle ups every minute.

I could have easily walked away in frustration and said I can’t do it it’s too hard. But I was NOT going to be defeated by a movement and in the paid off.