Forgiveness is the key to happiness


I watched an amazing clip of a 16 year old Pakistani girl speaking out against the Taliban and was truly moved.  Moved so much I felt like I need to follow her lead.

Her theory: How I treat them is my character, how they choose to treat me is their character.  And if speaking out meant she was killed for it so be it, but she would not fight back, instead she would forgive.

Forgive those that have wronged you, dont agree with you or you’ve had a falling out with.  Speak your side and move forward.  Not for them, but for you.

It’s not about who’s right or who’s wrong.  It’s not about pointing fingers and deciding who’s to blame.  It’s not about he said she said.

It’s about healing and moving forward.  While those I’ve reached out to may not accept my attempts at reconciling, and some have even come back and pointed out all the things I did wrong.  I feel the lightest I’ve felt in years having reached out to several people from my past.

I have an amazing life and am very fortunate to have met EVERY SINGLE person that’s come in and out of my life.  They’ve all taught me something and for that I am grateful.