Facing my demons

I have been struggling the last few months with self doubt in myself and what I’m doing.  I finally reached a point where I knew I needed help so I sent an S.O.S to my life coach and said I needed help.  Somethings I can’t fix on my own.

We had our first call last night and we did the scariest thing I’ve ever done….. we faced my demons or what we call ‘the little green monsters’.  What are they?  They’re all the negative thoughts we let hold us back.  We shined the light right on them…. what do they tell me?Facing Your Demons Lg

– you’re selfish

– you’re self centered

– you’re arrogant

– stop acting like you’re better than everyone else because you’re so positive 

– no one can make every situation a positive one- you’re clearly full of shit
– you’ll never find anyone to love you because you’re too self driven

And guess what…… when you face your ‘little green monsters’ head on they lose all their power.  They can no longer scare you because you’re not afraid of them anymore.

And just as powerful as facing your ‘little green monsters’ is we flipped the switch and said what does ‘Kate Rawlings’ feel about herself?

– I’m strong
– I’m confident
– I’m self assured
– I am living my purpose and making an impact on those around me
– I will find someone someday that loves and supports me and my drive
– I will not have to sacrifice part of ‘me’ to be a part of an ‘us’
– I need to be my own rock

And to make sure I held true to myself and what I believe I needed a reminder.  A way to chase away the ‘little green monsters’ when I saw them in the darkness.  So…. I did what I do best and I got a physical piece of jewelry to signify the emotional battle I’m having.  And when I go there I can touch the ‘rock’ and remind myself this too will pass and I will be left stronger than I was.