People are not business…….

They’re people.

One thing my life coach and I are working on is looking at Kate Rawlings and what makes her ‘tick’.  This call was particularly difficult.  Why?  We took a HARD look at how I treat other people, not intentionally, but as a result of defaulting to my business mind.

By defaulting to my business mind I make things about ‘business’ and black and white.  You’re in or you’re out.  And if you’re out….. get out. The problem with that is when dealing with people, they’re not business.

Why do I do this?  To protect myself from being hurt by others and if they hurt me I don’t want them to see it.  So I shut down, act and think with emotions later.  Great for business decisions terrible for people decisions.HumilityQuotes

I vowed to reach out to people I had hurt and people I felt that hurt me to present a VERY vulnerable, human apology for any wrong I had done.  This is especially difficult for me because I had to get through pain, hurt, anger, ‘but you did xyz’ and get to the root of me and owning my wrongs.

I don’t expect anything from doing this other than connecting with my human side and  learning I can be vulnerable and strong at the same time.  I’ve always said people don’t change, but having gone through this week I would have to disagree.  I am not the same Kate Rawlings I was a month ago because I’m taking the time to work on me and embracing new life lessons…. leading to change.