Damn it feels good to be a gangster

This past weekend I partook in a local partner fundraiser competition and I’ll tell you what…. it felt DAMN good to be back on that floor.  This was the first competition I’ve done since having knee surgery a little over a year ago.  Your adrenaline pumps, your mind turns off and you find levels within yourself you never knew you had.

First event – 2 rep max power snacth.  Considering my 1 rep max squat snatch sits at 135 I didn’t have high hopes- maybe 115lbs. 3..2…1…go!  Blew through 115 and hit a 125 touch and go power snatch!  Damn… I even impressed myself.1502452_10152025837929641_1613236019_o

Thats only one example of all the things I did that day, and holy crap it felt good.  And the BEST part…. the next day I felt just as good.  No residual pain or swelling.  No re-injury.

I would be padding my own ego if I said I was ‘back’, but it feels good to compete and truing injury free.  What will the future hold.  Who knows?

All I know is ‘damn it feels good’