CrossFit’s hard…..

The last 4 1/2 months I’ve been working consistently on rehabbing my knee and improving my strength.  To say it’s been working is an understatement.

Some personal PR’s I’ve reached:
Deadlift: 295lbs — 325lbs today
Push Press: 145lbs — 170lbs today
Bench Press: 145lbs — 160lbsx5 today

While my strength numbers are going through the roof I’m quickly realizing I need to start CrossFitting again more often. Why? Because now that I’m stronger than I’ve ever been I need to reboot my motor.

While I know in the long run I know I’ll be a much better CrossFitter, it can be frustrating in the short term. Why? Because things that were once easy….. like a 21-15-9 rep scheme of squat snatches at 65lbs and burps would be a good little burner just about killed me today. Why? Because I’ve been training heavy and hard so the whole endurance thing is a little lacking.

Trying to stick with the theme of ‘it’s not that serious’ I’ll continue to work the best I can and everyday it’ll get a little easier. It has to.