Check your ego….

and by ‘check your ego’ I am directing that at myself.

I was registered to compete at a local competition this weekend and I could not have been more excited.  It’s been a little over a year since my knee surgery and I’m feeling more like myself as an athlete than ever.

Then the workouts were released…….

WOD 1: 100yard dash (running is the WORST for my knee still)

WOD 2: 30 kb snatches (fine) – 30 OHS lunge (second WORST for my knee) and shuttle runs (WORST for my knee)

too_much_egoThere’s really not further explanation needed as to why I needed to ‘check my ego’ 3/4 of the competition is terrible for my knee.  But yet the competitive athlete inside me wonders if I stretch a ton, ice between and live on aleeve if I could do it and win.

See…. see why i needed to check my ego.  It’s not about competing, hell it’s not even about winning.  It’s about training to train another day.  What good am I if I crush my knee and I’m out for weeks trying to recover.  DUMB!

So instead I have decided to check my ego, train to train another day and I’ll be on the sidelines with a cup of coffee cheering and supporting the event.