I have learned the best way to lead is to lead by example.

A common theme I see across all industries, races, ages, colors etc.  People like to be angry at people.  People like to blame people.  People like to be around people that have a similar ‘enemy’  someone that unites and even worse confirms they’re right in their negative feelings.Be-The-Change-You-Wish-To-See-In-The-World-Gandhi-Posters

I have been working hard to look at myself and how I am in the world and have been doing everything I can to avoid anger, resentment, and even worse negativity.

My only goal is to live a life full of love and support.  I am not trying to prove anything.  I am simply trying to BE something…..

BE the change I want to see in the world

BE the one to forgive

BE the one to love

BE the one to inspire and motive

BE the one to accept people exactly as they are

BE human (imperfect…flawed…..and love myself anyway)