Noooo……cottage cheese….

I know it….my biggest diet fear just came true…..


I promised my coach if he put together a diet specifically for me I’d follow it. I’m going to have to eat 1 1/2 cups of cottage cheese  day.  I will make it happen, but it will be a struggle to get used to it.

There’s just something about the texture that I really struggle with.  I may have to mix with fruit for the first week or something to gage it down and wean myself off.

Any suggestions on getting used to eating it?

2 thoughts on “Noooo……cottage cheese….

  1. OMG, I LOVE cottage cheese. I love it plain, plain, plain. 🙂
    But Jay likes it mixed with a bit of jelly. I find it weird, but he loves it!

  2. Have you ever actually had cottage cheese? I hadn’t ever tried it until last year. I was sure I would absolutely hate the texture and that it would be completely gross. Turns out, I found out that I *REALLY* liked it! And like Heather, I like mine just plain!

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