Everything I need to know I learned from a 4 year old

I have this awesome 4 year old that comes into Coca, and watching her, I mean really taking time to slow down and watch her I have really learned a lot.


What have I learned?

  • The gym is a play ground – she doesn’t worry about rep schemes or rounds, she just plays
  • Honesty is easy – she doesn’t filter her thoughts and she’s truly just honest
  • She doesn’t understand ‘cool’ – she’s not worried about impressing others, she just is
  • Have a happy soul – while she may say things that are overly honest, its from a place of happiness
  • Say you’re sorry – She can own her mistakes and genuinely apologize
  • Forget the past – She can’t remember 5 min ago yet alone 5 months or 5 years

If we all lived a little more like children – loved life, lived in the moment and learned to play maybe we’d all be a little happier.