Culture is EVERYTHING!

What makes one gym different than another……..

The space?
The equipment?
The programming?
The coaching?

Sure those are all different, but what really makes or breaks a gym is the culture. I have run Coca CrossFit for 3 1/2 years now and in that time I’ve learned A LOT about who we are and more importantly about we are NOT. The funny thing, I had a business coach, Tom Wanek, when I first opened and he would always try and get me to see who we are vs who we’re NOT. I tried to figure that out, and it wasn’t until year 3 when I felt I could really answer that with confidence. ¬†And I had to recently emailed him and thank him for all the hours we spent together because I’m putting them all to play now.

We are ‘Real people doing Real work’ That’s it! and yes it’s that simple. We’re not trying to be the best or the brightest. We’re just doing what we do. We’re moms, sisters, brothers, doctors, plumbers, teenagers and on and on and on and yet it all works. Why?

Because the game we play at every class is ‘hi my name is’ and we make it weird, you MUST shake hands skin on skin (unless your torn from the previous days wod) Talk about a culture! One where there is no clique of ‘cool kids’ that don’t talk to the ‘loser’ in the corner. Everyone is forced to talk to everyone. We have an even playing field. There are no favorites, or competition teams or golden children. Everyone has access to the same resources, after all we’re all paying the same rate.

Forcing people to play ‘hi my name is’ before every class has literally changed the culture of Coca and it’s only getting better everyday.