To Open…but am I REALLY ready?

We are fully aware that the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games season is in full swing.  Once a week athletes all over the world will push themselves to the brink of passing out to see where they rank in their ability.  And at the end of 5 weeks some will move on to the next phase, many will book their trips to watch and everyone is looking forward to the games in CA.


I know I sit here on a Saturday night still trying to figure out if I will Open or not.  I had a double micro fracture on my knee a year ago (essentially I have NO cartilage between my tibia and my femur) and I have been working with a coach to try and strengthen and rehab in hopes of making a return to the regional floor.

The only problem is….. I have good days and bad days.  Some days I feel pain free and others it feels like someone took a sledge hammer to my knee.

Of course…. first wod in the open…. double unders.  The one move I avoid like the plague.  why?  because it just knocks my bones together… OUCH!  So the question becomes, to open or not.  I could push through this week, but at what expense.  Possibly not walking for the next few days because my knee swells up.

But beyond the physical, the mental and emotional abuse I’ll put myself through.  Why?  Because I’ve been to the games, I have sponsors, I should be a MONSTER!  So when I play during the open with an injury (as I’ve done the last two years) I spend the open thinking ‘if I weren’t hurt I’d beat so and so’  If it weren’t so heavy in plyometrics I would be higher in the rankings’ Those are just excuses….I know, but it’s my reality.

When taking on the open you have to be physically, mentally and emotionally ready.  This year, I’m not sure I’m any of the above.