Note to self….



So today I got talked into doing the filthy fifty (GROSS)!

That wasn’t the problem, although I wanted to vomit 4 burpees into the set of 50, the problem was the damn double unders.  It is one of the few movements that still bug my knee, and what did I do at the end of the WOD? double unders…..DUMB!

After about 15 reps my knee started to hurt and by rep 30 my hip was cramping.  I got to 45 and pulled the plug….. dumb…. and then did the last 5.

I was SOOOOOOO mad when i finished.  Why?  Because it was so dumb to do double unders.  I should have just checked my ego and stuck with single undress.  But i get caught up in the moment.

I had to take a nice casual 400m walk in the 45 degree sunny weather to refocus.  The fact that I can still workout is reason enough to be grateful.  So what double unders hurt, and yes I shouldn’t have done them, but one slip up is not the end of the world.  Sometimes I need to relax and just breath.