Why I blog?

Many people blog for many different reasons, and I’ll tell you why I do…..

It’s to externalize what I would normally internalize.  It’s my corner of the world where I can share how I feel about any situation without a filter.

Too often we worry about being so perfect or better or right or fitting in that we forget to share how we truly feel.  My blog started 7 years ago as a way to share my training for the 2009 CrossFit Games (yes it existed back then lol), and it turned into so much more.

It became a place that I could tell my story.  Share success. Wallow in heart ache.  And truly free myself.  I was scared and nervous when I started blogging because ‘what will others think?’ and over time I cared less and less.  WhyBlogAschwanden-500x300

It’s truly been a freeing outlet.  Because I’ve realized I’m broken, I’m imperfect, I sometimes even cry.  and at the end of the day….THAT’S OK!

So I blog for no other reason than to free myself of judgement and to show others that being flawed and be comfortable admitting it is ok!  Embrace being human!