You should get paid….

One trend I’ve seen in the CrossFit world forever has been this whole ‘if you coach you get a free membership’ method of payment.

I am all for loving your community so much you just want to pay it forward and coach, but what’s wrong with loving what you do AND getting paid to do it.  get-paid-to

I’m a firm believer in paying my coaches.  I’m asking them to do a job, help build a business and a dream, the least I can do is pay them for their time.  They could be doing anything with their time, and they choose to work with me.  Their time is valuable and I want them to know that I appreciate it.

I’m just not sure you could ever get me to understand ‘free’ coaches.  Coaching is a job, a crazy fun job, but a job!!!  Get paid for what you do.  Get paid for sharing your knowledge.  Get paid for keeping people safe.