My #wcw goes out to me….

today…… i take the time to celebrate me….and all that I have found the last few months….. MYSELF!

As motivators and coaches we spend our days celebrating others we often forget to celebrate ourselves and all we have done to get where we are and the impact sharing that struggle can have on others.

so today…. my #wcw (woman crush wednesday) goes out to Kate ‘killer’ Rawlings….. 2010 Kate ‘killer’ Rawlings… the girl that looked fear in the face and leaped.  Lead to competing at the 2010 CrossFit Games, getting picked up by sponsors and opening an affiliate.  Since then it’s been a wild ride of injuries layered on top of learning how to run a business.


3 months ago I finally said ‘enough’…. enough putting myself last, enough trying to be all things to all people, enough of feeling not enough!  I decided to set aside the time I needed to train, and I mean really train, and enjoy the process.  I’m not talking I”m going to give myself 60min and I’ve got to get in and out and back to the grind. I mean really relax, and enjoy training again even if it takes 2-3 hours.

Fast forward 3 months and holy hell……I’m down 16lbs, feeling a lot less stressed, I”m getting more done productivity wise, my nutrition is on point allowing me to run 14-16 hours a day day after day.  It’s a beautiful transformation.

I was down at CrossFit Conjugate two weeks ago and it clicked…… I FOUND ME AGAIN!!! and the craziest part…. I didn’t even know I was lost.

So it’s been a crazy 5 years and I can say I have never felt this alive!  I love what I’m doing, how I’m doing it, and those around me.  I’m truly blessed and doing me….. allows me the energy to help others do them to!