My version of a mental health day……

One thing that is lacking when you own your business is set aside paid vacation days, sick days and the often over looked ‘mental health day’.

Out of Order Sticker Funny Quote

Out of Order Sticker Funny Quote

Today it was 75 and sunny in november in Cleveland….. UNHEARD OF!!!  I had my usual start to the day for a Thursday;

  • 6:00am wake up
  • 6:30am breakfast
  • 6:45am-8:45am admin work
  • 9:00-10:15am LCCC college class
  • 10:15-10:30am take dog to vet for surgery
  • 10:30am-12:30pm  Workout……… well at least that was my plan….
  • 12:30 turned into 1:30 turned into 2:30pm

As the time ticked away I became more and more relaxed where as I usually would have become more and more stressed because I have so much to accomplish.  But as I mentioned it was 75 and sunny…. the bay door was open….the jams were pumping AND the gym was empty.  It was such a state of peace and calm that all I could think is ‘I think this is my version of a mental health day’.  And in that moment I made the decision that was just what it would be. Of course I couldn’t help but laugh that my version of a ‘mental health day’ was being in the place that causes me my stress (irony).

No Admin work between training and coaching. Just enjoy the weather, my life, reflect and breath.  4:30-7:30pm coaching was truly enjoyable because I wasn’t franticly running around all day returning phone calls, emails, making meetings etc.  I was calm and zen and was able to be in that moment each class.