NEWS FLASH….pushing someone down does NOT pull you up

I wish I could keep track of the number times a day I hear someone push someone down…… as if it will some how pull themselves up.  It’s simple comments like:

  • ‘who do they think they are?’
  • ‘what the hell is she wearing?’
  • ‘she’s a complete moron, how did she get a raise?’
  • ‘that’s not even full range, how is that a PR?’

If we all spent 1/2 the time we spent pushing others down investing in pulling ourselves up what a world we’d

This is something I have personally battled with, and working with life coaches and counselors since opening up my business I have done a ton and i mean a TON of soul searching.  And what I realized is that I pushed people down.  Why?  Because I had to justify why I wasn’t living up to my true potential.

Instead I have started seeing my own self worth, value and ability to live to my potential.  No excuses, just plan old hard work.  I want something I have to roll up my damn sleeves and put in the work.