Coaching is about the EXPERIENCE

NOT YOURS……. your clients.  If you’re coaching means coming in, running through the technical side and leaving you’re leaving so much on the table.  how-to-create-experiences-customers-would-crawl-over-hot-coals-to-have-1-638

At Coca CrossFit we do our best to create an experience….. the whole experience.  It may be my 5th or 9th class but it’s the first class for your clients.  It’s important my energy level reflects how I feel about being able to serve each member each day. From a warm felt welcome, to asking how their interview went or how the kids are doing, but engaging in my clients lives and what’s going on in their world.  Hell the simple fact that I know every members name is critically important to me.

It’s important you get members to engage with other members.  There’s nothing worse than someone feeling left out or even worse, no one talking to each other.  Doesn’t happen at Coca.  I could care less how different someone is from the person next to them I’ll find something they can connect on.

It’s important you ask them what they want to hear…..yes I could rock the music I want to hear all day, but it’s not my class, it’s theirs.  And honestly more often then not it’s ‘Rap’ or ’90’s Hip Hop’ that I have requested.

It’s important your members know you’re proud of them.  While they may not be ready to wear your logo on the floor of the Reebok CrossFit Games giving your ego a boost because you’re such an awesome coach……. putting 5lbs more on the bar, hell not adding weight but moving better is a WIN!  You should be able to find one thing a day to celebrate each athlete.

It’s important people leave the gym feeling loved, important, validated and more importantly that the work their putting in is working.