Not posting your daily WOD doesn’t make it better……

If there is one thing that always makes me giggle is affiliates that treat their programming as if it’s gold…….. I love you and you’re commitment to the work you’re putting in, but you’re programming isn’t made of

I’m not belittling the time and effort that people put into their programming – hell we write our programming 4-6 weeks in advance and have physical therapists review it so we think our programming is pretty solid.

Let’s look at some BIG DOGS in the CrossFit world, CrossFit Invictus, Hyperfit USA and Crossfit New England, gyms that have a huge following in the CrossFit Games level athlete level…….. guess what they do…… POST THEIR DAILY WOD!

Why? ¬†Because the magic of programming isn’t in the workout itself. ¬†Yes of course a thought out program is important, but they understand that the magic of a program is in the coaching, the cueing and the motivation.

So get over yourself….. your programming isn’t a magic program…… your coaching is your gold.