Just enough strength to cry

there is no one want to grieve or mourn when facing  loss….. there is also no way of predicting how you’re going to react or feel day to day – hell hour to hour and minute to minute.

Today was a day where my strength ran out.  It took everything I have had the last few days to not completely fall to pieces and today it showed.  The only thing I have had the strength to do is cry.2ec6a4b470b7aafc8c52bb1435ca682c

  • Cry for my broken heart
  • Cry for the emptiness
  • Cry for the loss
  • Cry for my finances pain
  • Cry for the sheer exhaustion
  • Cry for the old me that will forever be changed

I made a few attempts to get up and brush it off and they all led to tears…… so I stopped fighting it –   I turned off the lights, I closed the curtains, I put away my phones and I cried.

While I know I need to move forward, and do my best to smile and look for the positives I also need some times to fall apart and cry.  It’s a part of the process and one that while truly painful will make me stronger on the other side…….when I eventually get there.