Power of vision boards

One thing that I have used successfully in the past to achieve my goals is a Vision Board.  What is a vision board?  It’s a visual representation of all the things you want to have come into your life.

When i first learned about a vision board I thought to myself that it was super hoaky and cheesy, but thought….. I’ll give a go and see what happens.  The year I did my first vision board I achieved 80% of the things I put on the board both personally and professionally.

I haven’t done one since, and that was 2012 so back on the vision board train 4 years later when I need to refocus and keep myself moving forward it seemed like a great option.  So I spent the evening sitting down and finding visual representations of things that are important for me to achieve by the end of 2016.  I have made it the back ground of my computer so every time I open my computer I am reminded of the behaviors I need to continue to do day after day in order to achieve my dreams.

They don’t have to make any sense to any one but me because I know what they mean. With this under my belt I feel confident that I am one step closer to all of my dreams.

2016 vision board