Proudly a ‘soft’ gym…….

I have been criticized recently for have a ‘soft gym’….and of course not knowing what that meant I had to investigate further.  Apparently the ‘word on the street’ is that Coca CrossFit is a ‘soft gym….meaning that our programming isnt heavy enough, challenging enough or pushing people as had as it should.

At first I was HIGHLY offended and once my emotions came back down to ground earth I sat back and thought about where that could be coming from and I had to agree………in the evolution of our facility we have gotten ‘soft’, but is that a bad thing?cute-smiley-face-marshmallows-pink-white-heart-faces-2463

Reason 1 we’re a ‘soft gym’:  When we first opened I was coming off competing as an individual in the CrossFit Games with a contract with Reebok and I thought my sh*t didn’t stink.  I wrote programming that was geared towards athletes that wanted to compete and while I had 100 members in 2 months I focus on 12……why?  Because they were the most important……WRONG!  It created a gym with competitors and everyone else, and that wasn’t a community to me.

Reason 2 we’re a ‘soft gym’: I wrote the daily workout to be regional and games level weights and skills…….. we’ll guess what….. the average CrossFit athlete is FAR from Games athlete but wanting to please our coaching staff pushed, and pushed, and pushed until they broke…….WRONG!  Our job is to keep athletes safe while expecting the best out of them…….. giving people permission/even encouraging members to scale is our job!  Train to Train another day I say.

Reason 3 we’re a ‘soft gym’:  Over the 6 years my priorities have shifted tremendously.  My first few years I was known for pushing athletes to compete and taking them to a new level.  Our image to the surrounding world was CrossFit is scary and only for people that want to be monsters………WRONG! In the last two years I have worked really hard to bring CrossFit to the average person looking to take back control of their life.    The amount of joy I feel when someone thats never worked out a day in their life says ‘I missed a few days and I really cant wait to get back’  is unmeaserable.

So if being a ‘soft gym’ means we have ONE community where we keep people safe and accept ALL skill levels equally ……. than I’m PROUDLY A SOFT GYM!