Lead your class of ONE…..

With the wide variety of online membership tracking platforms available now a days many gyms require there members to sign on and RSVP for the class they plan on attending.  We at Coca CrossFit have never done that, but that’s mainly because we have 5,000 sq feet and have never run out of space or equipment to be able to run classes.personal_training_graphic

One thing I’ve heard from members of other facilities is ‘my class was cancelled’  their gym requires a minimum number of athletes to take the time to run the class.  I call bull sh*t…….. one, two or three people aren’t worth you time?

I love my classes of one when they happen because it’s a chance to really focus on one person. To really dig into their technique and their body for a full hour.  You have a full hour to get to know them as a person, their careers, their family etc.

My advice to gym owners…… instead of canceling a class that doesn’t reach your minimum requirement…..run the class and embrace the extra time, love and attention you can give the few members that took the time to show up and work.