Are you using your ass?

Today’s WOD:
Max effort 2 min row for calories
Row 2 min
Rest 2 min
5 rounds
Round 1: 34
Round 2: 34
Round 3: 34
Round 4: 35 (should have been 36, but I stopped pulling at 1:58. I was tired and quit even knowing I shouldn’t have…oops)
Round 5: 31 (all ass, no arms)

Rowing= Legs, Back , Arms. Sounds simple, but simple doesn’t always translate to easy to execute. I strap in and use the first 2 min to figure out my pacing, and hold a consistent pace through the first 3. During the following rest Bill helps tweak my form. My legs got a great push and my back and arms had a great pull, but it was transition between that was a bit off. So I go into the 4th round focusing on a smooth transition. 3-2-1 GO….I keep a great pace, the wheel is spinning my legs are feeling it, but so are my arms. I reach the end of the row I was exhausted and thought I was going to vomit. Bill is there again to help critique my form.

His proposal: Try an experiment
Drive with your legs ONLY and simply let your back and arms guide the handle. See how much you lose. So I head into the last row, focusing on using just my lower half, and my pace didn’t lose too much…for the first minute. Heading into the second minute my legs are SCREAMING!!! Time up, 31 calories, not too shy of my other attempts except for one huge difference. My ass was on fire and cramping. My arms and my exhaustion level were half of what they were on the prior attempts.

Lesson learned: I use WAY TO MUCH arms and not enough ass on my rowing.

Try this experiment and see how your numbers change. I found it quite interesting.


It’s Childs Play

Ever drive by a school during recess hour and see kids double-dutching on the playground? Kids Laughing, giggling, skipping, jumping in and out of the moving rope, truly enjoying themselves, yet all you can think is F*CK jump roping?

I know the feeling. There’s something incredibly funny to me that a child’s toy has somehow been turned into a torture device. Don’t believe me? Try jumping rope for 5min straight. If you don’t trip on the rope at least 6 times, at minimum your calves will be screaming. And if that’s not bad enough, your coach may come to you and say, “now jump once, but spin twice” and you think WHAT!?!?!? That’s right…..double unders.

The elusive double under is a skill that requires timing and persistence to master. You jump once and the rope goes under you twice. Doesn’t sound so hard, jump once, spin twice. So you step up the challenge, you catch it on you ponytail, trip on your shoe or my favorite, miss completely and whip the back of your arm or leg leaving a lovely red welt. And yet you continue to try. Slowly but surely you figure it out, and you get one..then two…then three….then SLAP (welt). It’s the sickness that is CrossFit that gets you to continue trying. It’s that persistence that makes a true CrossFitter. We may not get it the frist time, but we’re sure as shit not going to walk away.

Today’s wod: REST!!!!!
Did do double under practice and strung together 27


Meal timing is important

Not sure when you should be eating? The easiest way to explain it, other than sleeping, you should avoid going more than 5 hours without eating. You want to keep you body from ‘starvation’ mode. Much like muscle your stomach has memory. If you keep a steady schedule your body will burn the fuel knowing there is more on the way. If you start skipping meals your body fears it wont get food again, resulting in your system to storing the fuel, usually where ever you don’t want it to(hips/ass/muffin top).

Here’s the schedule I eat on:
4:00am wake up
4:30am 2 block breakfast
9:00am 1 block snack
1:00pm 3 block lunch
6:00pm 4 block dinner
8:30pm 1 block snack
9:00pm bed

Today’s Wod: Tabata Intervals
OHS-pvc: 121
Pushups: 65
Situps: 100
DB PushPress (20lb): 81
Squat: 127
Total: 494….stupid 6 reps short of 500!!!!



So it’s official…I’m bringing in a new year with a new outlook. Be Accountable!

I am 3 days strong into my new diet and have held strong to an almost paleo zone diet. I had a 1/2 slice of wheat bread this morning. I am also preparing and packing my meals for Mon-Fri on Sundays. It went pretty good today.
I packed 3 different kinds of meals
1. Salmon with broccoli and almonds
2. Chicken with apples and almonds
3. Chicken with fried peppers and almonds
You can see that I use almonds alot for fats, it’s easy and I like them.
Chicken lunches are 3oz and dinners are 4
Salmon lunches are 4.5oz and dinners are 6
Broccoli lunches are 2 cups dinners 3 cups
Apple lunchs and dinners are a full apple, for dinners I added more fats to make up for the block carb difference. I’ve read you can substitute carbs for fat blocks.

For my snacks I’ve created my own paleo kits using dried fruits with no sugar added, turkey jerky and almonds.

My goal is to track my progress leading to the sectionals in Columbus on March 7th. We’ll all see what a strict diet, 3 on 1 off trainig can do in 60 days.

Some starting stats:
Starting weight: 138
Deadlift: 275
Push Press: 135
Back Squat:200
Helen: 9:49
Grace: 4:47
500m row: 146

Today’s wod: Josh
21 ohs (75lb)
42 pullups
15 ohs
30 pullups
9 ohs
18 pullups
Time: 9:16


What are your dreams made of?

Above you’ll see my dreamboard for 2010. What’s a dreamboard? It’s a visual representation of your goals, and while I rolled my eyes when I found I had to do one, I’m glad I have it. I use it as my background on my computer and it’s hanging in my room forcing me to see the contract I made with myself at least 2 times a day MINIMUM! It’s soooooo much easier to do your daily tasks, even when they seem insignificant, when you are reminded of the long term pay off.

I would recommend getting your goals/dreams, be it a list or a dreamboard, done before 2010. If there’s no accountability it’s easy to put it off til tomorrow, and before you know it, it’s 2011 and you haven’t accomplished anything you wanted to.

Yesterday’s wod
5 front squats (75lb)
10 kb swings (45lb overhead)
15 jumping ring dips
rounds for 20 min

16 rounds with 3 secs to spare.


I’ve drawn the line in the sand

With sectionals only 60 some days away, I’ve drawn the line in the sand. It’s time to get serious about my training, my diet and my dedication. I want to have an at least decent showing in Columbus considering its at the Arnold Classic. (AWESOME)

January 1 starts the perfect paleo zone and a strict 3-on-1 off schedule with 2 a days worked in. I’ll be tracking my progress here to share the experience. “before” photos will be going up on Friday as well as some of my starting pr’s. I want to see what 2 months of perfect dedication can do. I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Yesterday’s wod was a doozie, but good.
Row 1000m
ohs (25lb)
wallball (14lb to 10′ target)



Have you ever had a day where you sneeze and it’s more painful than being poked in the eye? Today is that day for me. I took on a situp intensive wod yesterday and boy am I paying for it today.

80-60-40-20 (situps)
10-20-30-40 (sdhp 45lb)


Row…row…row….your boat my ass…..

According to Wikipedia: Rowing is one of the few non-weight bearing sports that exercises all the major muscle groups, including quads, biceps, triceps, lats, glutes and abdominal muscles. Rowing improves cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength. High-performance rowers tend to be tall and muscular: although extra weight does increase the drag on the boat, the larger athlete’s increased power tends to be more significant. The increased power is achieved through increased length of leverage on the oar through longer limbs of the athlete.

Let’s place special emphasis on the “HIGH PERFORMANCE ROWERS TEND TO BE TALL” aka not designed for athletes that are 5’3″!!!

Yesterday I tackled the 2000m row for time, my absolute most hated thing in the world. Rowing, yet alone for 2000meters. The thing about rowing is that no matter how hard you try, it never gets any easier. You may go farther or get there faster, but you’re never any less exhausted or in any less pain. I always go into this wod with a bad mental attitude which kills my times. I end of rowing what feels like a sinking ship.

I do good for the first 500, maybe even first 1000 after that I want to cry, quite, give up, slam through it, finish strong, all at the same time. Needless to say I still have not mastered the long distance rows. I feel another 3000 pyramid in my future. A 3000 pyramid is a rowing pyramid that you do post wod. day 1=100m, day 2= 200m and so on til you get to 3000m and then you work your way back down. IT SUCKS! But that’s what CrossFit is all about, working your weaknesses.

2000m row


Add more weight and do it again

That was Bill’s favorite phrase last night as we took on a back squat wod

The wod:
12-11-10-9-8-7-6-5-20 of back squat
(use 50-60% of your 1rpm & rest 2min between rounds)

My 1 rpm on back squat is 195 so I loaded the bar up with 105 and headed into the wod, making my way down to 6 when I hear Bill’s beautiful voice, “That’s not heavy enough, add more weight and go back up to 8.” So I throw on another 10lbs making the bar 115lbs and head back up to 8 and start working my way back down.

I reach the nastiness that is 20 and I get through them without putting the bar down.
Bill’s beautiful voice chimes in yet again, “Add more weight and do it again.” So I throw on another 20lbs making 135lbs and I start the 20 reps at 10 I started seeing stars so I put the bar down, quick 10 sec rest, 5 more reps, 10 sec rest and into the last 5. Man did those last 5 SUCK. Bill, with his sadistic grin chimed in yet again, “Now that was heavy enough”

With all my redo’s I moved 14,605lbs of weight on my back last night. No wonder my hips are on FIRE today.


All I need to know I learned from CrossFit

I don’t make that statement lightly. Let’s look back three years. I was 80lbs heavier, just starting a job and trying to figure out “what am I going to when I grow up?”. Throughout my first year of crossfit I lost those 80lbs,could do a pullup and there were no more ‘girl’ pushups for me. I felt great about myself and my confidence showed. I was given more responsibility at work, and was accomplishing tasks in an efficient manor. I was more willing to take risks, and it was paying off. I had learned that fear is ok, and only way to conquer your fears was to take them head on, much like training your weaknesses.

My second year of CrossFit I took the initiative and got certified, I wanted to learn more and be able to share my passion with others. There we did a group wod, Fran. It was my first time meeting Fran, I pulled a 5:47 and fastest time of the females that day. That’s when I got bit by the competition bug. Shortly after my cert I began training for the 2009 games. I was more dedicated to CF than ever before. Perfect diet, no booze, 3 on 1 off, training my weaknesses. A strange thing happened. My focus in the gym focused me outside the gym. I was more mentally focused on accomplishing tasks and accomplishing them well. I took pride in everything I did, not that I didn’t care before, but it was a new found sense of ownership. I had the ability to and determination to make my career goals come true. Much like in CF, in work, if you don’t sacrifice, focus and bust your ass, you’ll never see results. Somehow I had always had a disconnect. I wasn’t just employee x at company z, I was Kate ‘klller’ Rawlings and my work was going to reflect that.

While my regionals outcome was not what I wanted, I gained more in those 2 days than I had in a LONG time. I had set out to do something difficult and I saw it through to the end. I realized at that moment that if I wanted something bad enough I would/could make it happen, and the only person that could hold me back was myself. I had made my body harder and tougher than it had ever been, now it was time to make myself mentally tougher. I then made the decision to start my MBA program (of which I just finished my first semester) and it was the best decision I could have made.

All I need to know I learned from Crossfit
-I learned that if you want something you have to be focused, determined and willing to sacrifice for the greater good

-I learned that when you want to quit, you have to step back, get your brain and heart to slow down, and begin again

-I learned that focusing on one task at a time makes the bigger picture less blurry and abstract

-And more importantly I learned just how psychically and mentally tough I was and how much I had underestimated myself

30 C&J for time (95lb)

1 mile run