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Pregnancy and body image

We see pregnant women all the time and we often think…. what a cute bump…. shes looks so cute pregnant…..

But what happens when its you? One thing you think you prepare for is the mind games that will happen with your changing body in the 9….really 10 months…. you’re pregnant.

I can say I thought I was ready, but man o man was I not.  I understand I’m not ‘fat’ I’m growing a baby.  it doesnt make me feel any less like a hippo on a daily basis lol. My big shirts are crop tops now – i’m out of breath getting out of bed – god forbid I have to pick something up off the floor.

The crazy part to me is that I still have over 3 months to go.  I am pretty sure I’m going to just start falling over because my belly just keeps coming straight out.  I am certainly thankful that I’m really all belly vs gaining weight everywhere out of control.

One of the more frustrating part that I have found is that extreme fatigue I feel and of course still getting sick.  I used to workout to feel better and of course build muscle and everyday I crash hard and skip a workout because I’m just not feeling good I feel even more like a blob.

End of day Luke is worth it, but man can the day to day play games with your head sometimes.


Why is personal training so expensive?

I am often asked why personal training is so expensive?  There are a few things that come to mind…..

1: What is your definition of expensive………..We all have our own definitions of what expensive is.  If you work part time making minimum wage your definition of expensive maybe very different than someone who was born with a trust fund and unlimited finances.  But let me ask you this…. how often do you get a starbucks cup of coffee, eat out or order drinks at $7.00/drink?

2: How much do you value your health………Lets stick with starbucks, eating out and ordering drinks analogy…..

  • One cup of starbucks a day at $3.25 x31 days = $100.75/month and that’s if you only go once a day
  • Eating out 3 lunches and 2 dinners a week….avg $15/meal x 5 meals a week x 4 weeks = $240.00/month
  • Drinking while out…… 3 drinks 2x per week….. $7.00/drink……$168/month
  • TOTAL: $508.75/month in coffee, eating out and drinks/month
  • PERSONAL TRAINING: $50.00/hour 2x a week = $400.00/month

3: You clearly have no clue how much work it takes for your trainer…….Often we see the cost of that per hour price…. what we don’t see is the HOURS of work that goes into the behind the scenes to create that ONE HOUR!  Hours specifically thinking about your needs and writing plans, reworking plans, researching plans….it’s so much more than just that hour sticker price.

The next time you wonder why something is expensive, step back and think about all the behind the scenes or ask yourself (or your trainer) WHY?