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Affiliate Owners: To Coach or Not to Coach

6 years ago I decided to spring board off my trip to the CrossFit Games and open my own affiliate.  Why did i decide to do that?

Because coaching was absolutely intoxicating……and guess what….. 6 years later I am more hungry than ever to learn and coach and share knowledge.

But there is the balance when you’re the ONLY owner to run the business and that’s where things can get slippery.  Why?  Because owning an affiliate isn’t just slapping some movements up on the board, sipping a cup of coffee and walking away.  gretchen-coaching


  • Managing the budget and reconciling accounts
  • Managing member relationships
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Programming
  • Websites and social media
  • Community Outreach
  • Writing Programming
  • Managing the programs you offer
  • Managing a staff and payroll…..and the taxes….oh don’t start me on the taxes
  • Cleaning the facility
  • Designing new gear……because lets face it YOU want new gear, but sure say it’s for members
  • Planning member socials……and attending them……
  • Hosting events, seminars, competitions

Should I go on or do you get the point?  Something tells me you see where I am going with this.  The question can often become, when do I stop coaching and focus on running the business?  My answer to you….. ONLY YOU KNOW…..for me I will never leave the coaching floor because that’s what i love!  Does it mean the business doesn’t run as smoothly as it could, certainly, but it runs a lot smoother than if I were miserable everyday.  So instead I juggle all the tasks of running a business while coaching 1/2 of the entire calendar.

I left corporate america not because I hated my job and office work, but because I LOVED coaching, being on the floor, developing relationships and being a part of someone else’s success. Seems silly to leave corporate america only to create a corporate job, at least for me………

So don’t force it, you want to coach – COACH!  You want to run the business – RUN THE BUSINESS!  That’s the beautiful part of being the owner of the affiliate, it’s yours to decide how you want to run it.