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Being The Boss Is FAR From Easy

The misconception that once you own your own business you’re on easy street could NOT be farther from the truth.  If anything it just made all your hard work that much harder. How?

Because regardless of what happens good or bad people are looking to you as the reason it went that way.  Yes it’s great to smile and take pride when things are going well, but what happens where you’re struggling?  It all lands on you……You’re the first to be criticized by outsiders and the last to be paid.4

The last 6 years have certainly gotten interesting with 5 gyms opening within 7miles vs being the only one for 30miles.  The work is the same, the success is the same, what’s VERY different is constantly trying to evolve as a coach and a business.

We’re constantly talking to our members and figuring out what they want and need and doing our best to bring it to the table.

What have we added this month?

  • Ladies only lifting class
  • Kettlebell Conditioning Classs
  • HIIT Class (high intensity interval training)
  • find out more on our website www.cocacrossfit.com