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Am I enough

One of the things that I am terrible at is being my own biggest critic.  Doesn’t matter what it is, I am always analyzing if I am good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, strong enough, working enough, loving enough, really insert any word and add enough.

It’s been a rough few months really trying to change that thought pattern and to say it frustrates my husband is an understatement.  He is accepting and loves me exactly as I am and constantly tells me what ever I do is enough.  But it is hard to hear that when I’m always criticizing myself.

It’s what has helped me achieve the highest level of multiple sports and helped me continue to run a successful business 6 years later.

It’s also what has added imense amounts of stress as I’m not sure there are many days that I feel enough.

I am constantly working on it, and there are good days and bad days.  And the practical logical side of me knows that feeling not good enough is a negative emotion, and the opposite of what I strive to teach others.  that being said, practice what you preach, and I am working on doing that everyday.

But it’s important I remain authentic and honest.  I struggle and its real!